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Maintenance methods of solid wood furniture

First, the ambient humidity

The cells of wood are made up of sponge-like substances (cellulose), which quickly absorb and release water. Wood usually reacts to different water levels in the environment. Put the dry wood in a high humidity environment, the wood will absorb water and expand; If wood with a high moisture content is placed in a relatively dry environment, the wood will release moisture and shrink. If you have a solid wood table top in your home, measure the width separately in summer and winter, and you will notice a slight change in size.

Secondly,Regular nursing

Surface treatment of wood (furniture) can delay the changes caused by moisture changes in the air, reduce stress, and make wood more stable.

Surface treatment can delay the moisture exchange process of wood (solid wood furniture) regardless of the surrounding environment, helping to extend the life of wood (solid wood furniture). Therefore, regular care is necessary, especially wood wax oil, wax, water-based paint, etc. with a relatively thin surface coating and relatively weak protection.


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