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  A magical mini wooden phone holder

Today there is a magical wooden phone holder which allows you to chase drama anytime and anywhere, In our spare time, specially during the citywide lockdown when meet to curb a resurgence of COVID-19, we can watch a play on our mobile phone and steal a half day’s leisure.

Let’s get close to nature, carefully feel the virtues of a flower and a leaf, and pass them on to people with both hands and wood. Today, Eastree Wood will share with you a good helper and good thing for chasing a play.

It is not only a piece of wood, but also a natural and comfortable way of life, which design is simple and unique. After many times tests, the groove angle is set to 60 degrees, which is summarized by scientific research. A healthy visual angle can take care of our eyes, relieve neck and back fatigue.

The wooden phone holder is cut from a whole wood. The base is thick and stable. The craftsman grinds it repeatedly and feels comfortable. Let’s give you more consideration.

The lightweight and compact design of wooden phone holder is small and is easy to carry. The groove height is lower than the subtitle height and does not block the video subtitles. It allows us to easily chase plays, listen music, play games and watch live broadcasts, so as to liberate our hands and enjoy the wonderful time.

Carving, polishing, no distractions in the heart, focusing on the heart and shaping it. The bracket groove angles are different, compatible with all kinds of mobile phones and flat plates, practical real and back card slots, and a variety of different sizes of wooden phone holder are available.

Seeing the natural color in our busy work and study gives us a moment of tranquility in this impetuous life. This wooden phone holder is made of natural logs to feel the nature. Each ring texture is different, and each finished wooden phone holder is special.

The mini wooden phone holder carries our daily joys and sorrows. A good wood can calm our emotions, appreciate its hand-made and touch its texture, Eastreewood can make people feel calm and comfortably enjoy a relaxing life.

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