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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cabinets and stainless steel cabinets

At present, the mainstream is still wooden cabinets, stainless steel cabinets will be relatively expensive, and not suitable for family use, but now stainless steel can also make wood grain, the texture is real, the quality can basically be inherited, but the price is basically equal to high-end log furniture, cost-effective is particularly low. It is generally used in basements, seashores, and places where rooms are relatively humid. If it is particularly wet, in addition to the multi-layer solid wood in the wood-based panel can be reliable for one or two years, the wood-based panels of other substrates are basically not able to resist cracking in one year.

The market for stainless steel cabinets is relatively small, because there are also aluminum alloy cabinets that can be replaced, low price, light weight, strong plasticity, low manufacturing costs, and also have the waterproof and fireproof function of stainless steel, the strength is worse than stainless steel, but the general household use is enough.

In terms of environmental protection, stainless steel is better than wood-based panels, and stainless steel is not necessarily formaldehyde-free, mainly because the substrate is different and the congenital conditions are better. However, the formaldehyde content of many brands of imported wood-based panels is particularly low, and the texture, décor, direct, and edge banding are all industry-leading levels.

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