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Can you put the wooden bowl in the microwave oven for heating

Metal or containers with metal accessories, wooden or bamboo utensils, and ordinary plastic containers cannot be put into the microwave oven for heating (because hot food will deform the containers, and ordinary plastics will release toxic substances, contaminate food, and endanger human health). Instead, special containers such as heat-resistant glass and heat-resistant ceramics should be used.  

The wooden bowl can be heated in the microwave oven, but it cannot be heated for too long. If the heating time is too long, a large amount of water vapor will enter the inside of the wooden bowl and bacteria will easily grow. In addition, there are many tableware that cannot be heated in the microwave oven, such as metal tableware, which has poor stability and will spontaneously ignite when heated in the microwave oven. Also, paper bags cannot be heated in the microwave oven, because they may burn at any time. The most serious is the plastic bag. Never put it in the microwave oven for heating. Plastic will produce polypropylene under high temperature, which is a harmful substance and will cause great harm to human body.


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