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Characteristics and application of wooden tableware

The biggest advantage of bamboo and wood tableware is that it is environmentally friendly and green, and more and more people around the world are using it.

Bamboo and wood tableware is all made of bamboo or solid wood, exquisite and chic, not only practical, but also has artistic ornamental value, placed in the home is both practical and art decorative effect.

Domestic kitchen bamboo and wood products pay special attention to the details of consumers’ lives, try to meet the consumer’s consumption habits in the details, reduce the complicated process of food production, and simplify to a key 0K type. Wooden tableware is all made of imported rubber wood and black walnut wood, the wood is delicate, the structure is beautiful, according to the natural texture of the wood, the beautiful graphic structure is modulated, and the shape of the utensils is peculiar.

There are many bamboo and wood tableware products, including: containers, cutting boards, bowl and cup bottom holders, chopsticks and knife boxes and other series. In addition, in the shape is also unique, in addition to the usual square, round, heart-shaped, cylindrical, there are special outer inner circle, gourd-shaped, boat-shaped, fish-shaped and other irregular utensils, exquisite and collectible, sweeping away the traditional sense of ordinary kitchen utensils monotony.

Bamboo wood kitchen utensils also reflect the comfort and care in the kitchen, compared with cold glass products and monotonous plastic products, stable and elegant bamboo wood products are particularly kind. Compared with ceramic, glass and plastic tableware supplies, bamboo and wood products tableware also has very prominent advantages: thermal insulation, anti-scalding, durable.


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