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Classification of wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are commonly used as packaging containers in the circulation field. There are mainly three kinds of wooden boxes: board box, frame board box and frame box.

Wooden boxes are usually used for the outer packaging of various high-end consumer goods, because they are simple and thick, such as food gift boxes, wine gift boxes, health products and valuable commodities.

The frame wooden box is composed of a wooden frame frame with a certain section, which can also be covered with wood according to the needs of the frame. This kind of frame box has two forms. The frame box without wooden cover is called open frame, and the frame box with wooden cover is called covered frame box. The frame box has large pressure resistance and bearing capacity.

In order to protect the internal goods from collision, wooden boxes are usually lined with paper, sponge and foam. Due to the choice of materials, processes and accessories, the price of wooden box packaging is higher than that of other forms of packaging. Due to the high price of logs, in order to save costs, density boards (density fiberboards) are used instead to save costs and obtain the quality of log products.

All types of wood have unique grain structure, such as white and red woods oak, white wax, walnut with small holes. It can provide a unique texture quality. When the wood surface is dyed, the color usually collected is “open pores”, which looks darker than the whole part. There are trees like maple, alder, and cherry trees. These woods have a smooth texture and can be finished evenly.

These natural features can be used as the general aesthetic feeling of furniture. Wooden box packaging is often of fine workmanship, exquisite materials, and beautiful appearance and shape, so the wooden box packaging itself is usually highly ornamental and commercial.

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