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Do you like wooden photo frame?

Regarding wooden photo frames, just like wooden boxes, it can carry some people’s emotions and memories. Display a picture, words or photo in it, and the framed photo frame will look extraordinarily precious and delicate. Even a piece of meaningless words that is highlighted by a photo frame will make people feel meaningful. Let the picture present, still is the best way to appreciate the picture.

Some people will complain about not being able to buy a good-looking frame at all, or bought a poor quality frame. But we are confident that the photo frames we provide are of high quality, and I believe you will like it. We offer as comprehensive accessories as possible, with greater attention to detail and overall quality.

We try our best to make customized wooden photo frames according to the requests of customers, and also ensure the high quality of the products from the aspects of craftsmanship, design, materials and accessories. we also pay attention to ensure the visual comfort. We will do special treatment on the back of the wooden photo frame to reserve space for the wood to shrink and expand, effectively weakening the defects of the wood characteristic.


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