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Function of wooden cigar boxes

Wooden cigar boxes are the most popular among most cigar lovers. This has greatly promoted their popularity. They can not only store cigars, but also have a beautiful appearance.

Wooden cigar boxes are often the most enjoyable cigar storage solutions. In addition to decorating your lounge, study, office or cave with traditional decorations, wooden cigar boxes have other advantages. High quality wooden cigar boxes are very strong and have a long shelf life. If properly maintained, it can last for several generations. It is passed on to the family like antique furniture. These can also last for a long time. Secondly, wooden cigar boxes provide very robust storage and are more secure than other storage solutions.

Wooden cigar box has the functions of moisturizing, heat insulation and preventing odor invasion. In the closed state, its special wooden structure can exchange fresh air with the outside world, thus preventing the mildew of cigars during storage. The special smell of wood used in cigars can promote the aging of cigars and play a role in insect prevention. Cigar raising is the process of cigar aging and ripening. In this project, cigars will produce a large amount of ammonia. If there is ammonia smell in containers made of other materials, it will destroy the real flavor and quality of cigars. In the closed state, the wooden cigar box can exchange fresh air with the outside world, and the ammonia gas generated by cigar aging can be removed from the box without damaging the natural flavor of the cigar.

If you don’t have too many cigars and don’t need a cigar cabinet, you can consider wooden cigar boxes to give cigars a good placement space.


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