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How should the wooden packaging boxes be maintained?

The cost and use value of wooden packaging boxes are high, so we usually take care of wooden packaging boxes, and we have to pay attention to the maintenance of wooden packaging boxes. How to maintain it? Let me introduce to you below.

There are six points need be paid attention to when maintaining wooden packaging boxes:

  1. Avoiding direct sunlight. This maintenance method is not only suitable for wooden packaging boxes, but also for all wooden crafts. Because long-term sunshine will cause the wood to be dried and cracked, pay attention to this when putting or installing wooden crafts.
  2. Staying away from heat place. In the cold winter, we should try to keep the heating equipment away from the wooden crafts by 1 meter, in order to prevent the wooden crafts from baking for a long time, which will cause the wood to dry, deform and locally deteriorate the paint film.
  3. Paying attention to the maintenance of the surface of wooden crafts. Nowadays, the surface of the general wooden packaging boxes will be coated with paint as a protective film. This is usually called a spray wooden box. Therefore, if you want to protect the wooden crafts, Protecting this paint film is the first priority. You should wipe gently with a dry and soft cotton cloth every day, and then use a wrung out damp cloth for cleaning within a period of time, and finally apply a thin layer of light wax.

4. Avoiding using chemical solvents to remove stains. Due to the wooden products special performance, If you wipe them vigorously, or splash chemicals on the surface and wipe them off. It will not only scratched the wax but also damaged the box.

5. Avoiding damp environment, it is easy to get damp indoors in summer, especially in the kitchen. So we can use thin board to separate the wooden crafts from the ground.

6. Avoiding being scratched by hard items. When you are cleaning or picking and putting things, you must be extra careful. Never let hard metal products scratch the wooden crafts.


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