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How to buy wooden table for kids

1. Consider safety

When buying wooden table for kids, it is necessary to consider whether the safety performance of the products is high. For example, test to see whether the four legs of the table are consistent, whether there are uneven problems, whether the corners of the table are smooth, and touch with your hand to see if there are barbs, sharp objects, wood, etc. the table with smooth surface treatment is more safe.

2. Consider the size of the table

When buying wooden table for kids, we should consider the size of the table in combination with the height of the child. We should choose a table that matches the height of the child. For example, for children in primary school, it is appropriate to use a table that is 1.1-1.2 meters long, 0.7 meters high and 0.55-0.6 meters wide, while the chair should be 0.4-0.44 meters high. The size is a big problem. We need to take the child to test when buying.

3. Color

Wooden table for kids also have colorful colors. Therefore, when buying, we should consider children’s preferences and the visual effects of different colors. Some bright colors will make people’s eyes tired. It is recommended to choose a color that is mild for children’s eyes.

4. Price

The prices of wooden table for kids with different materials and configurations will vary greatly. Based on this, it is necessary to make a budget before purchasing. The table that is too cheap not only has quality problems, but also has simple shape and single function; On the contrary, the expensive table will not only use environmentally friendly materials, but also have rich functions. It can not only read and write, but also be used to put computers, books and famous stationery.


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