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How to choose a good wooden bedside table for yourself?

Nightstand, also known as the bedside table, we put everything we need on it for the night. Even it is smaller than other furniture, it plays an important role in the bedroom. Therefore, several criteria must be considered when choosing:

When choosing a bedside table, the most important thing is not width or depth, but height. The height of the bedside table should be similar to or slightly lower than our mattress, never higher than it. In this way, we can ensure that it is easier to see when lying down. So please make a measurement before buying one.

2.Large capacity
There are many bedside table on the market, regardless of shape, material, and color, but there is no doubt that a bedside cabinet with a certain amount of storage space is the most useful. Although some bedside tables will undergo great changes, if you choose a bedside table with drawers or doors, you can also hide everything you don’t want to be seen…

3.Well equipped
You are not suggested to put some bowls or trays, some accessories and a light on the bedside table. These things should not occupy more than half of the surface of the table, and it is best not to exceed the height of the headboard. If you don’t have enough space, please consider adding a wall lamp or installing a ceiling lamp with a long cord.

  1. Popular style
    Stylist Emily Henderson recommends always having three elements: horizontal elements (such as trays), vertical elements (such as lights), and sculptural elements (which can range from sculptures to flowers). In addition, make sure you have straight and rounded shapes, and keep them within the three-color palette to ensure consistent style.
  2. Personal affairs
    Finally, putting some photos, family memorabilia, or some kind of artwork to make you smile every morning when the alarm goes off. Also consider your daily activities before going to bed and your needs during the night, and prepare what you need at your bedside: for example, a hand cream that can replenish yourself or a bottle of water to prevent thirst.


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