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How to choose the right red wine packing box in all WOODEN CRAFT PRODUCTS?

How to choose the appropriate red wine packaging box for your red wine, which is a difficult choose that puzzles the red wine sellers or end customers,

Today our EASTREE share some comments with you according to many years of experience and customers’ purchase.

1. According to the needs of different customers

Now most uses of red wine are gifts, so there will be demands for the packaging box of red wine.

However, the importance of different customer groups or gift giving objects are different, so different grades of packaging will be selected for the same red wine.

The common red wine packaging boxes on the market are mainly divided into cartons, wooden boxes, leather boxes, etc. the low price is generally handbags and better red wine cartons.

The natural wooden wine box is made of solid wood, which is natural, simple and generous, and the price is very economical.Among the wooden craft products are spray paint boxes and imitation mahogany boxes, which are also relatively high-end.Red wine packaging leather boxes belong to more high-end packaging boxes in the wooden craft products.

So there are important tips for you, If you buy the red wine gifts to important customers and leaders, it is better for you have to send imitation mahogany or leather boxes for red wine packaging.

If you just go to see relatives and friends, it is good choice for you use an ordinary wooden box.

2. According to the value of red wine:

Different types of red wine have different prices, so different red wine packaging boxes should also be selected.

For low price red wine boxes, it is better to find some suitable wooden boxes and cartons with the same price point. The red wine with hundreds or even thousands prices, must choose high-grade spray painted wooden boxes and leather packaging boxes, which can show the grade and price.

So Solid wood packaging boxes from EASTREE are made of solid wood, which have a good cushioning performance, it is high strength, corrosion resistance and moisture absorption. We recommend our wooden wine box, cigar box, watch box, perfume box, jewelry box, gift box and wooden barrels to you.


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