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How to choose wood for different wooden housewares?

Nowadays, more and more people like to use wooden housewares products, so do you know that housewares products made of different wood have different characteristics? Let us introduce the characteristics of commonly used wood.

  1. Pine: There are two main materials for pine housewares, one is Masson pine and the other one is Pinus sylvestris. The texture of Masson pine is straight or uneven, and the structure is medium to thick. The disadvantage is that the cracking is more serious when dry. Not resistant to corrosion. Poor paint and bonding performance. It has strong nail-holding power and is relatively less used as a woodworking board in furniture. The price of woodworking board is generally about 3 times that of the same size cedar integrated board or large core board.Pinus sylvestris are widely used as the material of mid-range solid wooden housewares. Pine has a stronger and clearer texture, and quality is better. Compared with fir, Pinus sylvestris has a more beautiful grain and less scarring.
  2. Oak (white oak, red oak): oak belongs to the family Fagaceae, Quercusm, red oak is called red quercusm, white oak is called white quercusm.In fact, red oak is not really red, but wood is yellow to pink, white oak is not white, but it’s light yellow. This makes there is no obvious color difference between red oak and white oak. Oak is characterized by heavy and hard, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color, and wear resistant. But wood is not easy to be sawn and cut when it is dry.But there is a problem need be paid attention to, some business man use Southeast Asian rubber wood to pretend to be oak. So there is a the identification method is that the rubber wood has a peculiar smell, which is easy to be eaten by insects and corroded.

3. Rubber wood: Rubber wood is used to make building materials and furniture after the old wood is cut by the rubber farmers in Southeast Asia after cutting the gum. The growth cycle is short, so the price of rubber wood is not expensive; this kind of wood is not easy to crack and easy to maintain in the dry areas of the north; rubber wood has good plasticity in the process of making furniture and housewares, so it can be suitable for making products with beautiful shapes and soft curves; rubber wood has good solid wood feel, beautiful and uniform texture; light color, easy to be dyed, and acceptable the dyeing and coating of all types of colors and match with the color tone of other kinds of wood. The paint has good coating performance; good hardness, natural high-strength wear resistance, especially suitable for stairs, floors, tables and chairs, etc. Rubber wood is not easy to dry, but easy to bend and deform.

4. Walnut: Commonly known as walnut, it is one of the precious woods loved by people in the world. Especially in European countries, walnut, mahogany, and oak are also known as the three precious woods. Walnut wood has medium hardness to slightly hard and heavy, fine and uniform fiber structure, strong toughness, especially good performance in anti-vibration and abrasion resistance, and has certain bending and corrosion resistance. The price of walnuts produced in different places varies greatly, so everyone must look at it clearly.

5. Paulownia wood: paulownia wood has the unique characteristics of wear resistance, so the wooden housewares are very durable.The paulownia material has a beautiful and delicate texture, and the natural pattern is very good. The housewares made of it looks good. Paulownia is not easy to split but the wood is soft, easy to process, easy to carve, and easy to dye. In addition, it has the advantages of no smoke penetration, moisture barrier, and resistance to insects. The main disadvantage of paulownia is that there is no big board. As the middle of the paulownia is hollow, so it can only be made of plywood, and then veneer or processed into blockboard. So the paulownia housewares are very light.

6. Beech: the wood is firm and has beautiful texture, and can be used for construction and utensils. There are many types of beech wood. The center material is reddish-brown, which is called “blood beech”. Some beech wood has large natural and beautiful patterns, and the color is similar to rosewood. In ancient China, there is a saying of “Northern elm and southern beech”, which means that northern furniture mainly uses elm wood, and southern furniture uses beech wood. Therefore, elm and beech wood are both good materials for furniture in the past and can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc. Beech wood can also be used as a decorative panel, and many people use red beech decorative panels.


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