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How to maintain the wooden cutting board before use – wooden cutting board

We need to use wooden cutting boards when chopping vegetables, but if the surface is wet or cracked, or moldy, such wooden cutting boards cannot be used directly?

1. After the wooden cutting board is bought home, it needs to be maintained before use, so as to ensure a longer service life and not easy to crack. For specific maintenance, you can first scald with boiling water to dissolve the oil on the surface, then prepare a basin of water, pour salt into it, and soak the wooden cutting board in it for about an hour before and after.

2. Take out the wooden cutting board, and after drying it, drill a small hole in the middle with a diameter of about 5 mm. Choose the same type of wood to insert it, so as to avoid the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction.

3. Next, boil the vegetable oil and spread it evenly on the wooden cutting board to ensure sufficient penetration, put it in a ventilated place, and finally rinse it with clean water before use.

What material is better for the cutting board

1. The cutting board needs to be in direct contact with our food. If it is made of wood, its material is slightly thicker and its toughness is relatively strong. You can chop some bones or meat on it, but it is also easy to hide dirt. Water absorption is relatively strong.

2. There is also a plastic, which is relatively light in weight, more convenient to clean, and much cheaper. But it has a defect, it is not resistant to high temperature, and because the texture is relatively rough, it is likely to have the problem of excessive formaldehyde


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