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How to maintain wooden handicrafts?

Many people are worried about a problem when buying wooden crafts, such as the maintenance of wooden crafts. After all, these wooden crafts are good-looking, but if you are not careful, they may leave traces, which greatly reduces the value of the entire wooden crafts and affects the appearance. Can wooden handicrafts be maintained with wood wax oil?

In fact, wood furniture or wood craft products can be painted with wood wax oil as long as they are not edible.

Wooden handicrafts are different from general furniture. As ornamental products, only wood wax oil needs to be used for rubbing in daily maintenance to enhance the gloss and texture of the surface. Many wooden handicrafts use a mortise and tenon structure, so the structure needs to be disassembled when painting the wood wax oil.


Before painting, dismantle the handicrafts, use a clean cotton cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of wood wax oil to wipe evenly. After wiping, put it in a ventilated and dry place to dry, wait for it to dry before assembling. The surface of the handicrafts coated with wood wax oil is bright, the surface wood grain is clearly displayed, the hand feels round and comfortable, and the grade is also improved a lot.

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