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Is the wooden chopping board really so dirty?

A recent online article said that “the wooden chopping board at home is 200% dirtier than the toilet!”, The reason is that there are many kinds of bacteria on vegetables stained with soil, while there are salmonella and other harmful bacteria in chicken or other meat, so it is very unsafe to use wooden chopping boards to process food.

Is the wooden chopping board really so dirty?

In the 1980s, a medical researcher in the former Soviet Union made a survey. The researchers used wood chopping board and plastic chopping board to cut vegetables and process chicken, and then tested their actual bacteria carrying conditions respectively. The results showed that there were a lot of microorganisms on the two kinds of chopping boards after the food was just processed, but after waiting for dozens of minutes, the number of bacteria carried on the wooden chopping boards became less, while the number of bacteria carried on the plastic chopping boards became more. So why?

The researcher finally uncovered the mystery after in-depth study. It turns out that the chopping board made of wood contains a lot of natural lignin. Lignin has a strong antibacterial effect, which can make a variety of bacteria lose their vitality in a short time and no longer reproduce. Therefore, the researchers concluded that wood chopping boards are the safest for human beings to process fresh food. Although the plastic chopping board looks very clean and beautiful, in fact, its antibacterial ability is much lower than that of the wooden chopping board which looks clumsy.


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