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Maintenance method of wooden jewelry box – wooden jewelry box

Dry cracking is the biggest invisible killer of wooden jewelry boxes. Dry cracking of wooden jewelry boxes will damage the furniture. Therefore, the most fearful thing about furniture wooden jewelry boxes is the dry weather. Exposure to the sun, a fire, or an excessively high indoor temperature can cause the wooden jewelry box to dry out. Therefore, we should place the wooden jewelry box in a place away from direct sunlight and with high airflow.

When cleaning the jewelry box, use a soft cloth to wipe the dust on it. Generally, the surface of the furniture is wiped with a cloth with high hardness, and scratches will appear, which will affect the aesthetics of the furniture. When maintaining the jewelry box, in order to prevent it from drying and cracking, you can also wax it. The waxing of the jewelry box can lock the internal moisture of the jewelry box and prevent it from losing easily, so as to achieve the effect of maintenance and prevention of drying and cracking. In addition to preventing drying and cracking, waxing, It can also prevent moisture and mildew, which can prolong the service life of the jewelry box.


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