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Maintenance of wooden music box

1. When the wooden music box is still playing, do not wind up the clockwork, wait until the end of the song.

2. When winding, when you feel a slight reaction force, you should stop winding, and never use brute force.

3. Do not expose the wooden music box to direct sunlight, you should take care of your wooden music box as you would with furniture.

4. In areas with high temperature and humidity, it is best to put the wooden music box in an air-conditioned room.

5. Close the wooden music box to prevent dust from entering, or lower the protective glass when playing.

6. The most suitable storage state for the wooden music box movement is to completely loosen the mainspring.

7. If the wooden music box is to be stored for a long time, and you wind up the spring, the steel spring will lose its elasticity.

8. If you want to transport the wooden music box, make sure that the movement stops at the end of the song, so that the toothed comb will not come into contact with the convex needle of the roller, so damage can be avoided.


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