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Olive wooden cutting board – Wooden Cutting Boards

There is such a beautiful and practical wooden cutting board, which is deeply loved by people. It is the olive wooden cutting board.

The olive wooden cutting board has its own olive patterns to feel the texture from nature. The patterns on both sides of the olive wooden cutting board are different, so we can choose the side with inferior patterns to cut vegetables.

Because the hardness is too high, the olive wooden cutting board is not suitable for long-time cutting vegetables and meat. It is suitable for the simple western cold meal operation of cutting bread, sausage, cake and fruit. We recommend olive wood as a wooden tray.

Because the diameter of olive wood is not large, and there are many scabs, holes and cracks in the wood, the available parts are usually very narrow, so it is difficult to make the large size required for daily cooking, so the olive wooden cutting board is smaller than the ordinary wooden cutting board.

Never take things that often come into contact with food lightly. Our olive wooden cutting board has no glue, no formaldehyde, absolutely environmental protection. Because of the defects of olive wood, we try to cut off some defective parts directly when making olive wooden cutting boards, and never make defective olive wooden cutting boards. In addition, we use food grade mineral oil, which can effectively avoid mildew and help to further prevent food safety problems.

In addition, if you maintain it frequently, the more you use the olive wooden cutting board, the more beautiful it is, the stronger its texture is, and it is durable.


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