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Purchase of music boxes:

  1. Music is the soul of a music box. In addition to choosing a piece of music you like, when buying a music box, testing the sound quality is the most important first step. Generally speaking, there is no professional knowledge to identify sound quality, but it is only necessary to follow one point, that is, the music should sound pleasant, comfortable, without cracks, noises and hoarseness.
  • The choice of music box material. The more popular ones are wooden music boxes and crystal music boxes. Generally speaking, the appearance of crystal music boxes is nobler and more beautiful, while the sound quality of wooden music boxes is better, and the sound quality of crystal is a little brittle. You can choose according to your preference.
  • When buying, you should check the music box carefully. In addition to the appearance, you should also listen to the music box more to see if the clockwork is smooth and normal. The quality of the clockwork will affect the service life of the music box.


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