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Reasons for the popularity of wooden photo frames

With the improvement of living standards, modern people not only pursue modern and convenient family life, but also pay attention to the quality of life. Family life pays more and more attention to environmental protection and health. Wooden photo frames do not have the luxurious texture of metal and the brilliance of glass. Whether it is wood carving, root carving, or mahogany furniture, the mainstream colors are single, and there are not many decorations, but it is this primitive and natural that shows its simple and simple charm.

Wooden photo frames are made from natural plants, which are synonymous with environmental protection and health, so they are very popular. While embodying artistic taste, wooden photo frames also express environmental protection and health, and respond to modern people’s pursuit of life, which is one of the reasons why wooden photo frames are becoming more and more popular.

  1. The status quo of the wooden photo frame industry Handicrafts are the most unique industry, a combination of culture and art. Wooden photo frames are widely used in the production of gifts, home decorations, garden products, etc. In recent years, the design, production and craftsmanship of wooden photo frames have become more and more mature. High-precision laser engraving has helped more companies to enter this threshold, and more incredible handicrafts have grown. The traditional national flavor of wood is popular with overseas buyers. In recent years, the demand has been increasing for exquisite root carvings, graceful and advanced Buddha carvings, special wood cups, wooden key chains and other high-profile popular products. Chinese wooden photo frame enterprises continue to increase product development and design efforts. Through various measures, wooden photo frame enterprises generally reflect that the export volume has increased significantly. In the long run, the international market demand for wooden photo frames is extensive, and the export of my country’s wooden photo frame products has increased rapidly.

2. Introduction of the main products of the wooden photo frame industry The annual market value of the world’s high-quality wooden photo frames is about 800 million US dollars, of which Italy and Spain are the most, accounting for 30% of the world respectively. Taiwan, Malaysia used to be an export area for wooden photo frames, and is one of the top ten export areas for wooden photo frames in the world. In recent years, my country’s export of wooden photo frames has developed very rapidly. In 2003, exports of wooden photo frames were US$ 191 million, reaching US$ 366 million in 2007, doubling from 2003. Among them, the United States is my country’s main export target of this product, accounting for 48%, nearly half of the market share.


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