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Rustic style wooden wall shelves

Pictures, books, souvenirs or plants – the decoration and personal items are what make the apartment individual and comfortable. But how do you present accessories, pictures and signs without making an untidy impression? Wooden wall shelves in a country style are a wonderful way to do this, and they also add a wonderful and stylish accent to the interior. Wooden Wall shelves can be assembled according to personal preferences and are a great way to present everyday items in a space-saving way. We present this wonderful and space-saving furniture in more detail in this article.

Why a wooden wall shelf?

Due to the comparatively low acquisition costs, the wooden furniture is reduced to a minimum in terms of materials and typically has no side walls or doors, the amount of material required and thus the price are kept within manageable limits. Even a high-quality wooden wall shelf is easily available for a double-digit euro amount. But why do we recommend wood at all, given the huge selection of chic glass, metal and plastic shelving? An important argument for high-quality country house furniture made of solid wood is its longevity, but the natural look with the unique grain and often intentional, slight signs of wear speaks for itself.

No height limitation, stylish mounts

Open wooden shelves also offer the advantage of no height limitation: while closed furniture means that there is a restriction on the size of the objects that can be placed in it, the wooden wall shelf can easily accommodate tall vases, trophies, magnificent flowers and large atlases. But what you put on the wood is only one side of the coin. Fastening on the underside offers further possibilities for individual implementation. Some people like their wooden wall shelves with a highly visible, sturdy bracket, which can be either angle brackets or the trendy “T” brackets (square bars). Other furniture lovers prefer the impressive “floating look” with invisible angles that are hidden in the wooden furniture and make the wall shelf an extraordinary eye-catcher.

Antique style

Antique wooden furniture is currently very much in vogue, which undoubtedly benefits the wooden wall shelves from the Factory series. Available in lengths of 80 and 120 cm, they bring dark wood and a rustic aesthetic to the interior. The shelving fits best in an industrial living concept as the metal brackets are proudly displayed and complement the other factory style steel, iron and aluminum hardware perfectly. A depth of 18 centimeters enables space-saving installation, while a height of 2 centimeters underlines the minimalist orientation. If you place retro objects such as old clocks, a globe or a small metal chest on the wood, the harmony is perfect.


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