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The process for customization of wooden gift box

First, what’s kind of information need customer prepare when printing wooden gift box packaging:

Step 1. We usually ask customers if they want us to design or not, If they don’t need to design, we can directly use their own design draft, sample box, size or make the sample according to the information provided by customer.

Step 2. If there is no sample wooden gift box and we need to design, customer should prepare the following points:

(1) It is necessary to provide high-precision pictures and correct description about the wooden gift boxes.

(2) Product specification, customized gift box packaging quantity, size, material demand, process, etc.

Second, what’s kind of wooden gift box must use four-color printing process?

A painter’s color art work, a photograph taken in the form of color photography, or other pictures containing many different colors, For process requirements or economic benefits, it must be scanned by color desktop system or electronic color splitter. Color separation, and then use the four-color printing process to copy.

Third, How to make the wooden gift box printing more high-grade?

There are three aspects to make the wooden gift box appear more high-grade:

Step 1. The design of wooden gift box should be novel, the layout design should be fashionable and unique.

Step 2. Special printing processes are used, such as printing, film covering, polishing, bronzing, silver ironing, UV, etc;

Step 3. Use high-grade printing materials, printing, PVC, wood and other special materials.

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