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The reason why more and more people use wooden packaging boxes

1.It is very eco-friendly. The gift box is carefully polished and polished. Through painting and engraving, it becomes more upscale and diverse. Print your brand logo. Its features are highlighted.

2. Wooden packaging boxes use purer natural materials.

3. There are many types of wooden packaging boxes in the shape design. Various desired shapes can be made.

4. The development prospects of wooden box packaging are very extensive, including gift packaging, food packaging, wine packaging, book collection packaging, etc

5. The wooden packaging box is novel, fashionable and elegant. Use it to make your own packaging or give it very elegant

6. Due to special craftsmanship and special materials, the wooden packaging box has elements of ancient Chinese culture, which enhances the charm of retro.

7. The wooden packaging box is simple, strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and the wooden packaging box has no long-distance damage


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