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What are the advantages of wooden boxes for jewellery?

Today, there are many kinds of jewelry boxes in the market, such as paper, PU, leather and wood, each with its own advantages. Today we will learn about the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes and what to pay attention to when buying wooden boxes for jewellery. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Wood can inhibit chemical changes

Paper, PU and leather are not as strong as wood. Especially in the storage of high-end jewelry, wooden boxes for jewellery are not easy to produce chemical changes, and are very suitable for storing boutiques. Therefore, it is much better than jewelry boxes made of other materials.、

2. Wood appearance plasticity

On the wooden boxes for jewellery without decoration, you can directly carve, spray and customize the design pictures on the surface, which is very suitable for home decoration. In addition to the basic performance, the decorative nature of the jewelry box will add an art to everyone’s home design.

3. Wooden wrapping materials highlight the quality

For example, the paper and PU jewelry boxes no longer need to be wrapped with leather, which reduces the plasticity of the appearance of the jewelry boxes, making it difficult to meet the customer’s personalized customization. Wooden boxes for jewellery adopts three-dimensional structure, matching PU, linen, cardboard or leather materials, highlighting the design concept, which is conducive to improving fashion taste.


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