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What are the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes

1. Wood can inhibit chemical changes

Neither paper nor PU and leather are as strong as wood. Especially in the preservation of high-end jewelry, wooden jewelry boxes are not easy to produce chemical changes, which are very suitable for storing fine products. Therefore, it is much better than jewelry boxes made of other materials.

2. Wooden appearance plasticity

On unadorned wooden jewelry boxes, you can engrave, spray, custom design pictures directly on the surface, perfect for home furnishings. In addition to basic performance, the decorative quality of jewelry boxes will add an artistic touch to everyone’s home design.

3.The wood foreskin material is more prominent

For example, paper and PU jewelry boxes no longer need to be wrapped in leather, which reduces the plasticity of the appearance of jewelry boxes, making it difficult to meet customers’ personalized customization. The wooden jewelry box adopts a three-dimensional structure and is matched with PU, linen, cardboard or leather materials, which highlights the design concept and is conducive to improving the fashion taste.


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