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What are the maintenance methods of wooden cutting board? – wooden cutting board

1. Correct cleaning

After using the wooden cutting board, you must clean it correctly. You can thoroughly clean it with warm water first. After cleaning, you can directly smear a layer of coarse salt on it, so that its surface can be sterilized. The new wooden cutting board should be soaked in concentrated salt water for 12 to 24 hours, and then taken out and dried. In this way, cracks will not appear after long use.

2. Regular disinfection

After using for a period of time, we must disinfect the wooden cutting board regularly. When disinfecting, we can directly clean it. After cleaning, we can directly scald its surface with boiling water repeatedly. This operation can be very good disinfection.

3. Place correctly

After washing the wooden cutting board, be sure to stand it up and put it. It is best to put them in a relatively ventilated place, and then drain the water on its surface, so as not to make the wooden cutting board too wet and give off a musty smell.

4. Deodorize and moisturize

After using for a long time, some peculiar smell will appear more or less. In this case, if you want to maintain it well, you can thoroughly clean it after using it, and then spray lemonade directly on the surface. Spraying lemonade can not only moisturize it well, but also achieve the effect of removing the smell.


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