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Why do red wine packaging begin to use wooden wine box?

  1. High security

The wooden wine box frame is reinforced, with strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, strong anti distortion ability, and large bearing capacity, which makes you feel relieved about the safety of red wine storage.

The wooden wine box is also very fine, with exquisite material selection. It looks noble and elegant, but there is no lack of fashion. As a red wine packaging, which is a good choice. It can not only be preserved for a long time, but also be used as a collection.

Secondly, another reason for packing red wine with wooden box is that red wine meet the light,  the taste will become worse due to early ripening.

At the present stage, due to the impact of imported liquor market in China, the individual liquor merchants can not reverse this disadvantage, so in this case, the best choice is only continuously improving the own brand system and product system. For the red wine packaging design, we should have the courage to break through ourselves, use the beauty of red wine packaging design to attract the attention of consumers.

2. Have a long history

Wooden box packaging is a traditional packaging technology with a long history. In ancient times, the ancients used to write with a brush. The box used by large families to hold brushes was made of wood, some wooden packing boxes handed down from ancient times are intact, which shows that the quality of wooden boxes is very good and can be preserved for a long time.

3. Conducive to collection

Wooden wine box handed down from ancient times have high collection value and become antiques. Naturally, the value is higher and higher. Use wooden wine barrels to hold wine, which can ensure the taste of wine and will not volatilize. Not only will it not volatilize, but also the taste of the wine will become more mellow and delicious over time.

Therefore, wooden wine box has become a good choice for red wine packaging box.

Solid wood packaging boxes from EASTREE are made of solid wood, which have a good cushioning performance, it is high strength, corrosion resistance and

moisture absorption. We recommend our wooden wine box, cigar box, watch box, perfume box, jewelry box, gift box and wooden barrels to you.



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