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Why do red wine packaging start to use wooden packaging boxes?

High security

The wooden wine box frame is reinforced, strongly endowed, wear-resistant, twisted-resistant, and has a large carrying capacity, which makes it reassuring to the safety of wine storage. The wooden red wine box is also very fine, the selection of materials is exquisite, the appearance looks noble and elegant, but there is no lack of fashion, as a red wine packaging is a good choice, not only can be preserved for a long time, but also as a collection. Secondly, another reason for packaging red wine in a wooden box is that red wine encounters light, and the taste of red wine that occurs prematurely is another reason.

It has a long history

Wooden box packaging is the traditional packaging process has a long history, in ancient times the ancients used to use brush writing, large households to hold the brush box is made of wood, there are some from ancient times to the present wooden packaging box intact, which shows that the quality of the wooden box is very good, can be preserved for a long time.

Good for collecting

From ancient times to the present, the wooden box crafts have a high collection value, become antiques The value is naturally getting higher and higher, using wood red wine barrels to hold red wine, can ensure that the taste of red wine will not volatilize, not only will not volatilize but also with the passage of time The taste of red wine will become more mellow and delicious. Therefore, the wooden wine box has become a good choice for red wine packaging boxes.


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