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Why do young people like solid wooden housewares?

Solid wood represents nature, health and environmental protection. The longevity of solid wood lies in its original wood color, which releases the natural and primitive beauty, and makes many young people love it. Solid wooden housewares is natural and chemical-free. This is indeed a healthy and fashionable choice, and it also meets the psychological needs of young people for advocating nature.

The consumption trend of solid wooden housewares is becoming more and more obvious, so why do young people like solid wooden housewares?

  1. Wood is natural 

Every piece of wood has its own pattern, just as everyone has their own story when they are young. Solid wooden housewares can highlight the texture and show the inner beauty of the housewares. After processing and paint treatment, the texture is more prominent, and the furniture and housewares made of solid wood is more high-end and decent.

  • High utilization rate of wood for solid wooden housewares

Solid wooden housewares have a high utilization rate of wood, which is in line with the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. The solid wooden housewares are made of strong materials, even if the old wooden housewares are repaired and refurbished, they are still good pieces of housewares.

  • Solid wooden housewares have strong plasticity and customized design is easier.

Tracing the long history of solid wooden housewares and furniture, ancient science and technology are not developed, the cost of trees is low, and the materials are easy to process and combine. People use wood to make housewares,furniture and build houses. However, the wooden housewares and furniture of ordinary people’s homes in ancient times was not artistic. Some housewares and furniture were cumbersome, rough workmanship and unsightly.But now we have the good technology to make deft,exquisite and elegant wooden housewares and furniture.

  • Solid wooden housewares have the high durability.

Solid wooden housewares are also more durable, and the service life of solid wooden housewares is 5 times of plank housewares and furniture. With the processing of fumigation,moisture and polishing technology, solid wooden housewares get safe and have the high durability.

  • The styles of solid wooden housewares are diverse and individuality.

The styles of wooden housewares are changeable, and the different aesthetic concepts have long been styles, such as the pursuit of rustic American country style, passionate European classic, romantic pastoral style, fashionable modern style, pursuit of retro Chinese style and so on.


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