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Why is solid wood furniture particularly suitable for the garden?

Wooden garden furniture: solid and durable

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising. The time is approaching when social life will shift outwards. It’s nice to be able to call a garden party your own. Add the right garden chairs and nothing stands in the way of numerous sunny hours of enjoyment.

The ideal wooden furniture in the garden is solid and durable. That is why teak furniture have been a classic in stylishly furnished outdoor areas for years. This is not only due to its high-quality and elegant appearance: teak wood is particularly hard-wearing and effortlessly defies changing weather conditions and temperatures. The natural properties of the material make the wood durable and waterproof. Unlike synthetic materials such as poly rattan, it takes on a charming gray tone over time, which makes the material look all the more valuable and elegant. Ideal for use on garden furniture.

Everything that goes with a cozy garden group

Due to the material properties of teak, we recommend using this type of wood for the entire seating area and the garden table. Around a 2 meter long teak garden table there is enough space for garden chairs made of the same wood – the ideal place for coffee and cake, for birthdays or BBQ parties. There might also be a garden bench on the side, on which it can be digested well. Such a bench is also the perfect vantage point of the garden splendor or at the garden pond. The outdoor relaxation oasis is rounded off by a teak sun lounger. Just lean back and let the wonderful summer warmth work its magic on you.

Natural or rather with color?

Solid wooden furniture can be used in the garden either in its natural state or with a colored finish. Which variant is preferred is ultimately a matter of taste. The unique grain comes into its own when unpainted. The wood shines in its natural shine and harmonises visually with the plants in the garden or on the balcony. The different shades of brown of the different types of wood all have a calming effect and help the eye to relax after a day full of impressions.

If you prefer an exciting picture with color accents, you can have solid wooden furniture painted in any color you want. This enables a high degree of individuality and makes it easier to design unusual furnishing concepts. If a minimalist design without grain is preferred, a lacquer with high opacity is recommended. It conceals the grain and creates a uniform image, without the piece of furniture having to do without the positive properties of the wood.

Finally, a colorless varnish is used to protect open-pored wood. It does not change the natural look of the material, but covers it with a protective layer. This prevents the ingress of moisture and other environmental influences that reduce the longevity of the piece of furniture.


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