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Wood, the absolute queen of natural decoration for home!

Nordic, rustic, vintage decorations and a few more have been a trend until today. Can you say that they have all these styles in common? The answer lies in the material that predominates in all of them: wood.

It has become the king of decoration because it is organic, beautiful, very durable, easy to assemble, and wood is a thermal material, which can provide a lot of warmth in the air-conditioned environment of the home.

We not only regard it as a small decorative element, but wood has more applications. We can find furniture made of this gorgeous and excellent material from the entire house to the complete furniture.

1.- Wood in Nordic and Scandinavian decoration

This is nothing new, we all already know that these styles have been hit hard in interior design. So that it has begun to bet on walls covered with wood panels that provide natural inspiration and bring nature closer to the interior of homes, offices, and commercial spaces. We also think of it as a headboard, of course on the floor, table, and other places. Nordic style wood is characterized by lighter color, some may be gray, and have small sections, and compared to other woods, the number of rings is limited. They usually come from trees such as fir, pine, birch, and ash.

2.-The protagonist wood of Mediterranean and rustic decoration

Although they also feature wood, they combine it in another way and give it different uses. In Mediterranean and country style decoration, noble, old wood prevails, combined with retro elements such as old tools and stone walls. Of course, the main color is dark brown or ocher tones, because we are dealing with another wood, such as teak or oak, which are trying to evoke a rustic atmosphere without leaving the house. This year’s main trend is the naturalness that materials give us. There is no doubt that we can see great demonstrations in these styles.

3.- We also find wood in industrial decoration

Materials such as wood, metal, and cement are fused together to create furniture with modern and bold lines, decorated with exposed brick walls, large windows with metal profiles, beams, high ceilings… wood can turn these spaces into A comfortable and warm space, you don’t even need to light the fireplace

In this style, the wood on the top of the table, seat, and legs is usually thick and thick, and they are also darker in color, with a medium to dark range of varnish, such as oak, chestnut, or cherry. Some are worn and imitate old-fashioned ones. Wooden furniture uses unprocessed or transparent varnish.

4.- Retro wooden decorations

The vintage style wood is characterized by solid wood and antique appearance. It deliberately uses distressing techniques such as scratches, dim or faded colors, peeling paint, and surface wear. It is these subtle flaws and imprints of the passage of time that give it all its authenticity and charm.

  • Decorative wood in a versatile style

It is characterized by an explosive mixture of materials and elements. Wood and marble, metal, and crystal all look great… You only need a little judgment when making these conversions. For example, a good idea might be to mix rustic wooden furniture with other industrial style metal furniture. Choose the wood you are most passionate about on this occasion and make some beautiful combinations and bet on it


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