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Wooden flower rack

A cut of fragrant mist filled figure, a wisp of ancient breath intersection.

The solid wood flower stand stands in front of people in a quiet and elegant manner. It does not make public and does not brag. In this way, the beauty of the flower is quietly set off, while it silently watches the world and appreciates its own style.

The plane composition method of wooden flower racks and the appearance color of the facade can form their own characteristics. In addition, they are connected with plants, which blend hard landscape and soft landscape very well. Whether they are independent wooden flower racks or wooden flower racks connected with other construction methods, they have excellent landscape functions. It is a striking beauty at home.

Wooden flower racks can enclose one or more rest spaces and provide a place for visitors to rest. The participation of plant landscapes enhances the ornamental quality of flower racks, which blend well with the natural environment, and are better expressions of the functions of garden oases, with various levels and styles. You can choose one that suits you according to the size of your home.

Wooden flower racks have the characteristics of building space as well as the growth of surrounding plants, so the flower racks have two layers of characteristics: they can be used as an independent space to form an appreciation space dominated by flower racks. It can also decorate the environment and form a suitable garden space together with landscape elements. The timeliness of plant growth can also form a common thinking space for flower racks, making them different in appreciation each season.


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