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Wooden gift box

Wooden gift boxes are different from paper packaging, and their dependence on surface technology is not as strong as printing. You can see on the market that many high-end wooden packaging boxes are not printed, and the packaging box manufacturers just gild and carved the logo. This kind of box looks simple and generous. If appropriate materials are used, the whole box looks very high-end. The wood splicing effect of different materials is very beautiful. The designers need to use color control, which can bring great value to the products.

The various processes on the surface of the packaging box use rich color contrast, which can attract the consumers’ attention among many products, and thus stimulate the consumers’ impulse to buy products. It can be said that selecting the right packaging box is equivalent to opening the first sales door for your goods, allowing your goods to quickly go to the market and win the loyal love of consumers.

Just like a box made of ordinary materials with beautiful design, the box made by the packaging box manufacturer is very beautiful. For example, the packaging of some alcoholic products and tea leaves, people often feel that wine has a sense of soul just by looking at the outer packaging, which naturally increases customers’ desire to buy. For another example, some big brands have their own logos and brands. Generally, those who have had top-level design will have their own brand colors. When making any product, you need to follow the brand color, which is to promote the brand image. Packaging box manufacturers can provide design for customers, and of course, they can produce as well as designed documents. If there is no good design, you can only use simple and generous solid wood with special techniques.

The product material color, surface process design and interior color can arouse people’s desire to buy and play a role in rendering the product, but the color must be well matched. The best products are usually very well designed, which shows the importance of materials and technology.


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