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Wooden Products Care Instructions

The daily cleaning of wood products follows the use of natural materials to make objects. Different natural materials have their own unique use properties. Correct use can bring long-term use of objects.

Natural materials are prone to natural changes during use, so you need to pay attention to correct maintenance methods.

Daily cleaning】: Wooden products with painting can be rinsed with clean water during daily cleaning. After cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth to dry the water in time. Do not use detergents or other chemical detergents, such as soapy water, detergent, etc., to avoid damage to the paint film. Dishwashers and dryers are prohibited.

Avoid contact with overheated items】: Wooden products with painting are not recommended for overheated food to avoid damage to the surface. In the case of lacquer trays, it is recommended to place an insulating mat on the bottom before placing the dishes.

[Avoid exposure to the sun]: Wooden products with painting should be protected from sunlight to prevent the lacquer from being exposed to the skin and affecting the use.

Avoid moisture】: Excessive moisture will cause the wood to absorb moisture and expand, and when the wooden utensils are in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to mold, and should be dried in time.

Avoid sharp objects】: Wooden products with painting should be careful to avoid hard objects or sharp objects in daily use, such as nails, knives, table corners, etc., so as not to scratch the surface and cause damage.

The instructions apply to wooden boxes, wooden trays, Wooden kitchen utensils, wooden racks and wooden furniture.


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