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Although the wooden spoon set is small, it can bring a lot of convenience in use. It can be used for eating, tasting desserts, as a seasoning spoon, or as a blender. It has a simple temperament and can be integrated into daily life to supplement the details of life.

The five log wooden spoon set have their own modeling characteristics. You can choose the appropriate and favorite spoon shape according to your own usage habits. The use of the scene is not limited, following are some suggestions for your reference:

·Large round wooden spoon set — Round spoon

It can be used as a spoon. It has a large volume and can hold soup. It is especially suitable for soup with full ingredients, such as curry soup.

·The large oval wooden spoon set

It can be used as a food spoon with large volume and appropriate depth, which is convenient to eat the food in the spoon.

·The fan-shaped wooden spoon set

It can be used as a cooking spoon, with medium volume, flat and wide of front end, which is suitable for taking out food for consumption.

·Small oval wooden spoon set

It can be used as a cake spoon or as a children’s spoon. It has a small volume, flat and wide of front end. It is good at fishing for food. It can be matched with a large oval spoon.

·Small round spoon

It can be used as seasoning spoon or stirring spoon. The volume is small, convenient to control the use capacity, small and lovely.

Our Eastree wood hope the wooden spoon set has a certain weight. It is designed in the direction of roundness and compactness. which is made of logs and CNC precision carving, with smooth lines, good texture, warm touch and comfortable use.

So if you have any interests about the wooden spoon set, or looking for a partner who can offer creative designs, high quality wooden products, competitive price and efficient service, we totally believe that we are the best choice. What’s more, we are sincerely welcome you to visit our factory and contact Eastree Wood for meeting.


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