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Wooden wine boxes gift packaging design

The main value of Wooden wine boxes gift packaging design lies in its moral communication. It is necessary to meet the festivity, blessing and warmth, and be able to convey the blessing to the happy couple and the vision for future through the graphic design on the gift.

Therefore, in the graphic design of gift packaging design, images symbolizing good luck and happiness should be used. For example, mandarin ducks, auspicious clouds, blue and white porcelain are often used in gift packaging, and fresh and elegant champagne lilies, swans and so on are used for reference to the characteristics of Western weddings. In recent years, the gift packaging design has abandoned the traditional complex and cumbersome characteristics, and more pursues the use of simple and generous graphic language to symbolize the life after marriage, stability and happiness, which has brought a modern design style to the gift box packaging design.

The color application of Wooden wine boxes gift packaging should be able to convey a warm, warm and happy mood. The color selection is usually divided into two types:

First–Chinese wedding: The graphic color of gift box generally uses bright red as the main color, which cooperates with the wedding site design and happy couple’s dress design to show the lively and festive atmosphere of the wedding site.

Second–Western wedding: The graphic color of the gift box matches the main white color in the venue, and uses fresh and elegant light pink, light blue and mint to show the nobility and sanctity of the wedding. The graphic color design is generally in line with the wedding style, wedding venue layout, etc.

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