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Acacia Wooden Cutting Board


Material:Acacia wood

Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 1.5 inches

Shape: Rectangular

Thickness: 1.5 Inch


* Our kitchen board and cutting board outperforms the competition, so shop around before you buy – at 18 x 15 x 1.5 inches and 7 pounds. Weight, our extra large acacia cutting board is bigger, thicker and more versatile. Our thick and heavy acacia wooden cutting board is ideal for frequent use, including as a serving tray.

* KNIFE SAFE AND DURABLE: Our large acacia wood cutting board will last longer than most of your other kitchen tools. High quality construction and end grain cutting board design is more attractive than a traditional wood or bamboo block cutting board, more durable and scratch resistant. Acacia is a preferred wood for kitchen performance – the high density provides a safe cutting surface that won’t damage your knives. Designed for use by professional chefs and frequent use in the home and kitchen.

* HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN – Our acacia chopping block is mineral oil pretreated, reversible, and includes built-in handles and a juice slot. Acacia is harder than most other woods, with superior scratch resistance, for better performance. Acacia is resistant to the absorption of liquids, odors and stains. This wood cutting block is less prone to cracking or warping than bamboo and is easy to clean.

* Exceptional Quality: We have a full line of high quality natural wood cutting boards, including maple wood and bamboo cutting boards. Check our store for more information. Acacia is a great kitchen option unlike plastic or synthetic materials. Acacia is a very attractive wood, with distinctive colors and grain patterns that make a definite style impact. Great buy for kitchen supplies, a bridal shower gift, wedding gift, or housewarming gift.

* Serve in style: The large wooden Acacia Chopping Board looks great on any kitchen countertop, offering a clean and elegant look that blends with all types of decor. Which can be used as an attractive serving tray or trivet. The side handles make it convenient to use this elegant board to serve sliced meats, cheese, fruits, and more.


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on being a company that designs and manufactures high quality original products. We are passionate about innovating quality solutions for modern kitchens.

Why do professional chefs love the our wooden cutting board?

The Large Acacia Chopping Board and Butcher Block with Juice Slot offers the highest level of performance, satisfaction and value for a high quality acacia wood butcher block. Its hardwood design and construction selects top scores for durability and eco-friendliness, while adding touches of elegance and class to your kitchen.

The Large Acacia Butcher Block Cutting Board with Juice Slot is the convenient and affordable solution. Integrated handles, juice slot, reversible for serving Pretreated with mineral oil. Low maintenance, scratch resistant and stylish. Won’t warp or crack like traditional large wooden kitchen cutting boards Sleek and attractive look blends with contemporary kitchen decor. Includes gift box included.