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square wooden bamboo watch box


Color: Natural

Item Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

Inner Material: Bamboo

Weight: 1 Pounds


* CUBE-SHAPED WOODEN WATCH BOX: Tuck is three layers of storage boxes that swivel together to form a cube shape

* BAMBOO AND METAL: Watch box is made of bamboo with a natural finish, adding a touch of warmth to this modern and versatile cube-shaped storage box, its hardware is metal

* COMPACT SIZE: These nesting wooden bamboo boxes stack compactly, making use of vertical space, rather than having to spread out several boxes onto your vanity, countertop or dresser top; it measures 5 x 5 x 5 inches

* LINED INTERIOR: Each compartment is lined with fabric that will prevent your treasures from scratching and will help hold them in place

* NON-SECTIONED: Each wooden box in Tuck is open, giving you the option to arrange your jewelry as you wish



What is Tuck?

A bamboo cube-shaped storage box, Tuck has three wooden bamboo nesting boxes that stack on top of one another, saving counter space and maximizing storage.

Versatile Jewelry Box

These open-concept wooden bamboo boxes don’t have sorting dividers, so you can arrange your bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and other accessories, trinkets and beloved objects as you wish.

Original, Unique Design

Tuck is a compact and versatile way to neatly store and protect your jewelry, all while making getting ready a faster process.


Compact Size

Tuck’s bamboo boxes stack and swivel open and closed, making use of vertical space, creating a beautiful cube shape that looks great on dressers, vanities and counter tops.


Soft Fabric Lining

Soft fabric lining the boxes will protect your jewelry and prevent it from moving around a lot inside the box.


Easy Storage

Tuck’s compartments spread apart, allowing you to view all of your pieces at once.