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wholesale cigars wooden storage box

Size 4-3/4″ L x 4-3/4″ W x 3″ H
Material Wood
Color Cherry
Style Classic
Shape Square


* CLASS UP YOUR EXPERIENCE – Elevate your tobacco indulgence with our cigar gift set. The folding ashtray has a guillotine cigar cutter that can cleanly slice up to 54 ring gauge in clean slices.

* COMES WITH A LIGHTER – Complete your smoking experience with the jet torch cigar lighter we’ve included in the kit. The cigarette receptacle has a built-in storage slot for your convenience.

* STAINLESS STEEL ACCESSORIES – The cigar cutter and lighter set in our ashtray gift bundle have a unified design element: stainless steel. It highlights the quality and refined aesthetic of our set.

* GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – Our product features 3 practical accessories perfect for cigar enthusiasts. It’s a suitable birthday, holiday, anniversary, or Christmas cigars gift set for men.



The right accessories elevate the smoking experience.

Lighting up a cigar and drawing is standard fare. What turns it into a true indulgence are the accessories that allow you to create a moment out of this routine. Taking a stogie out of the humidor, cutting it open, and lighting it up as you sit next to an ashtray – now that’s a pleasant experience any true-blue aficionado would love.

The luxury of cigars is all about turning the whole thing into a special moment of its own. That can only happen with the right accessories, which we’re offering here.

Every smoker needs a receptacle and our folding ashtray gift set is perfect for any enthusiast. The cigar receptacle itself has a stainless-steel ash reservoir that holds an ample amount of ash without any of it sticking easily. The basin is removable so you can clean it in a breeze.

The ashtray gift package comes with a guillotine cigar cutter, also made of stainless steel. Enjoy clean and straight cuts on your cigar of up to 54 ring gauge for a smoother draw. The bundle also includes an exquisite jet torch lighter so you can start enjoying your stogie right away. Store the lighter in its dedicated slot in the folding ashtray for easy carrying.

Our ashtray comes in an elegant, glossy cherry finish. It also has a felt bottom to protect the color and appearance of our product. With its charm and function, this cigar receptacle gift set is truly the perfect gift for smokers regardless of the occasion.