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Wood Baby Bowl


Item name: Wooden baby bowl

Material Bamboo

Color: Bamboo color/ OEM

Dimensions : 10 x 9 x 2.5 inches


* NO MORE MESSY SPILLS: Our wooden bamboo baby bowl with suction make your life easier by preventing any unintentional wobbling. The powerful suction base grips the high chair tray or kiddie table to prevent spills, flips and throws

* AWARD WINNING DESIGN: Thousands of kids all over the world love wooden bamboo suction bowls. With our bunny plate, the only one munching on veggies is your toddler and thanks to its lovely large ears, each section can be home to different food

* ALL NATURAL BAMBOO: This toddler wooden bamboo bowl with divided suction does not contain any toxins. It is genuinely natural

* CONVENIENCE: These toddler wooden bamboo bowl with suction have a removable suction bottom that lets you transition plates to regular use when your child outgrows them

* COOL-TOUCH: wooden bamboo bowl for toddlers deter burns to baby’s delicate fingers if they reach out for it during feeding



Award Winning Weaning

Multi-portion design makes sure your kiddo gets all the nutrition to thrive and go. Perfect for picky eaters, the three portions can be used to separate food from yogurts, sauces, dips or entrees. Rounded and raised edges allow for easy banking and scooping.

Powerful Suction Base

No more mess! Powerful suction cups stick to the high chair or kiddie table like glue and prevents the plate from flipping over. The suction base adheres to smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces making mealtimes a lot less stressful.

Remains Cool-to-touch

You are in safe hands. As well as bamboo being totally natural, bamboo remarkably deters any burns to baby’s delicate fingers if they reach out for it during feeding.

Taste Adventure Ready

If you want your baby to try more foods? Your little one will begin to enjoy new flavors, cope with challenging texture, value the goal of eating new food and develop the habit of eating different foods on different days.