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Wooden Basket


Package Dimensions:‎16.9 x 12.72x 7.5inches

Weight: 10.4pounds

Material: wood

Color: ‎Grey /OEM


* Removable Liner Easy to Clean: Each Wooden Basket Comes with A Removable Soft Fabric Liner for Extra Protection, Adds Sturdiness and A Cozy, Farmhouse Crate Look. Convenient For Cleaning, Can Be Washed in Wash Machine Helping You to Keep the Wooden Storage Box Always Clean.

* Portability: The Wooden Storage Basket Built in Handles Makes It Easy to Carry, And Convenient to Pull Off Upper Shelves, The Holes on The Sides Are Special Sturdy Designed to Eliminate the Heavy Weight, Transporting It Anywhere Easily!

* Nesting Design: These Gorgeous Wooden Nesting Crates Are Stackable and Nest Into One Another For Easy Storage, They Are Sturdy and Stylish, Functional and User Friendly, Great for Home Decor, Wood Gift Crate, Storage And Organization. Helping You Keep the Home Clean and Organized!

* Customize Your Closets: Use Multiple Bins Together to Create a Customized Organization System That Works for You, The Varied Sizes Offer Multiple Choices for Holding Everything in The Right Place, Keep Items Organized and Easy to Find.



We’re All About Home and Living Products That Get the Job Done in Premium Fashion. We’ve Channeled That Spirit of Uncompromising Quality into Creating Decorative Storage Boxes in All Sizes to Fit All Your Storage Needs.