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wooden box essential oils


Weight: 0.6kg

Size: 9*4*9 inches

Material: Pine/ OEM

Color: wood color/ OEM


* wooden essential oils box Made of high quality wood material, Excellent craftsmanship, sturdy and durable, long lasting time

* wooden essential oils box provides a perfect solution for you to safely store, display and transport your essential oils

* Large capacity, can put 36 bottles of the essential oil to satisfy your need, Compatible with 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml bottles and 10 ml Roller Bottles

* Wide application, it can be used in bedroom, living room, office, shop, salon and so on, perfect tool for organization

* A very unique and attractive wooden essential oil bottles box, perfect gift for your friends and families who is essential oil lovers




Our Mission: Beautiful Storage & Organization For All Your Essential Oil Bottles

We are passionate about using essential oils as a natural and more effective form of medicine. We love the aim of fixing the root cause of illness and pain, and not just covering up symptoms— which does more damage in the long-term.

However, in our quest of collecting pure essential oils and blends, we needed a beautiful and safe place to store all of them together. It became annoying trying to find the right essential oils bottles when we needed them in a hurry. When your baby gets a burn and you desperately need your Lavender fast, it becomes beyond frustrating when you can’t find where you last put it down.

Thus began our quest to develop gorgeous wooden boxes that meet all your apothecary needs. We thoughtfully created every aspect of our elegant 36 slot box, to make it easy to store, organize, and transport all of your essential oils in one beautifully crafted wood box.

We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our Earth’s Gift Wooden Storage Case!


A Beautiful Box for a Beautiful Soul

We know you love deeply and care tirelessly for the ones you love. We wanted to create a beautiful essential oil box to go the distance with you! We are confident you will fall in love with our Earth’s Gift Wooden Case the moment it arrives at your door!

Never Lose Your Essential Oils Again!

This gorgeous hand-designed 36 slot wooden box is great for storing one of the most important things you can own— essential oils. These miracle oils come in handy for many situations, but they easily become misplaced.

Keeping track of something so small that is used so often is not always a smart idea to have loosely around the house. These important bottles can become lost for days— and it seems it always happens when they are needed most!

With our deluxe wooden box essential oils organizer, you will not run into that problem ever again! You will be able to find the oils you need quickly. The complimentary essential oil label stickers will make it easy to keep your oils neatly organized!