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Wooden cigar box for sale


Material: Wood, Glass

Dimension: 10*10*3 inches

Shape: Retangular

Weight: 1kg


* It is hand-made with the best cedar wood, which can hold 20-25 cigars. The walnut wood veneer and glass countertop are gorgeous.

* Thewoodencigar box with humidifier, hygrometer and mini movable partition can help you fix the cigar.

* There is a scratch-resistant black velvet pad at the bottom of the cigarette box, which can protect the wooden humidifier box from friction damage.

* We recommend placing your cigarette case in a cooler environment.

* The best gift for father, husband, elderly and good friends. The ideal place to smoke at home, on the road or in the office.



Our wooden cigar humidor box detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar wood to provide the perfect environment to store your favorite cigars.

Cigars are sure to live a long life of enhanced smell and taste within our high-quality cigar humidifier. The wooden cigar box is the best gift for your father your husband and your brothers, it can be used at home, office, bar etc.


Package includes:

1 Cigar humidor.

1 gold or silver hygrometer.

1 humidifier.

1 divider.