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wooden cutting board for meat


Material: Bamboo

Thickness: 1.5 Inch

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 17*13 inches


* STURDY, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – Our wooden cutting board for meat is made from ultra-thick, eco-friendly, highly compressed bamboo wood to resist cracking or breaking and to ensure your knives stay sharp. Made from the highest quality natural wood with a unique and creative design and a solid frame that is built to last.

* BEST DESIGN – Our 1.5 ” thick wooden cutting board is best designed to make your job super easy. It has sturdy handles for easy portability, firm grip and hanging. In the center, there are raised edges that will keep your meat, broom, and turkey firmly in place and the slot helps keep the juice from meat, fruits or vegetables.

* Sturdy Wood Chopping Board – This bamboo wood kitchen chopping cutting board is very thick and large enough to support large and heavy meats like a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, as well as to withstand the demands of everyday cooking at home and restaurants.

* Universal Use Wooden Board: This multi-purpose cutting board can be used to cut all varieties of food such as bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, and pizzas. You can also use this board as a fashion serving board and even as a charcuterie board



Are you looking for a durable wooden study and cutting board made from high quality natural wood?

Here we are with the best wooden cutting boards ever and the following amazing features:

High quality natural bamboo wood cutting board.

✅ Handle on both sides for an easy and firm grip, for hanging, carrying and also to use cutting board as trays

✅ Built-in drip groove makes it convenient to cut juicy products like tomato, orange and meat.

✅ Raised ridges that will hold your steak, breast, and turkey firmly in place.


100% handmade:

Our bamboo cutting boards are 100% handcrafted by the masters of the field to ensure the best quality for our clients. These skilled wood masters made these cutting boards with great care and

creativity to make your work easy and fast without any mess in your kitchen while cutting vegetables,fruits or meat.


The best gift for any occasion:

Looking for a housewarming, Christmas, or Thanksgiving gift? This wooden cutting board just for you. To give to anyone else on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, etc., this premium quality cutting board. It will surely demonstrate the best and only present in any case. This will be like a blessing to anyone who loves to cook, and will surely remind you every time while cooking.

You must have at least once:

Our wooden cutting boards feature a super user-friendly and comfortable design, we suggest you try our wooden cutting board for once and you will not be disappointed in this purchase and it feels like you are investing in something great that will prove value for money.


Hot tips to improve the life of the cutting block:

Do not expose the cutting board to the sun or soak in water for a long time.