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Wooden Cutting Board Round


Material: Bamboo Wood

Shape: Round-Board

Dimension :12 x 9 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 0.5 inches


* 13 ” x 9.8 ” x 0.4 ” round pizza plate. It allows you to process things like vegetables, fruits or make pizza.

* Eco-friendly Materials: All these kitchen utensils are made from 100% natural organic bamboo. No plastics, no metals, no BPA toxins, no chemicals. Biodegradable, renewable resources.

* The benefits of using them: environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, long life, easy to clean, easy to carry, will not scratch your pots and pans. Makes a great gift for your gourmet friend.

* Perfect gift for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Bridal Shower, Housewarming, Birthday, Mother’s and Father’s Day, good gift for a gourmet friend.



100% Bamboo – The bamboo wood surface is tasteful and useful for all kitchen needs. Biodegradable. Generally, inexhaustible bamboo and extraordinary configuration of nice shape influence strong cutting board, with warm shading appeal, moderate appeal for your kitchen. Unadulterated bamboo cutting board organizer, wellness and eco-friendly material.

Attractive design. Being made from the highest nature of premium natural bamboo, this round wooden cutting board is relatively unbreakable. No breaks or small fibers in the food. We offer you the good value for money for the three bamboo cutting boards.

High quality material: it is more resistant than wood, and ecologically well disposed of.

Resistant and stains: safe and simple support – the characteristic bamboo material does not recolor and loses its quality of dishes, nutrition, cleaners and water. You can protect your bamboo cutting board kitchen with oil to make it look decent and gorgeous on the shelf.