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wooden privacy screen indoor


Wooden privacy screen indoor, a kind of furniture used to keep out the wind inside a building. As an important part of traditional furniture, screen has a long history. The wooden privacy screen indoor is generally displayed in the prominent position of the interior, playing the role of separation, beautification, wind protection and coordination. It and classical furniture reflect each other, complement each other, and become an integral whole of home decoration, and present a kind of harmonious and peaceful beauty.

The wooden privacy screen indoor can especially show the master’s noble status. No matter where it is placed, it is the center of the line of sight, and the owner must be sitting in front of it.

Private Space: Give yourself or your family a little privacy.

Louver Design: The louver design is beautiful and generous, and the material is solid.

Portable and Foldable: Portable and easy to collapse & unfold. A quick and easy way to create temporary privacy.

Home Decoration: It is a beautiful and beautiful scenery to put it at any place in the house.

Do you long for having your own private space in your home? This folding screen is the ideal solution! The louver design that creates an elegant look brings natural beauty and elegance to your room, keeping your home on trend. The panels are connected with durable hinges so you can adjust or fold this screen as you need at any time. This wooden privacy screen indoor is the best choice for room division, in this way you can have your own privacy space in your home.



Package Dimensions: 1 x 62 x 69 inches;

Weight: 25 pounds

Material:   wood

Color: Rustic Brown, white, OEM

Number Of 4/6 Panels OEM





Rational Control Of Space: This wooden privacy screen indoor can divide a whole room into two parts, into two rooms. Part of it is for yourself to read and work, and the other part is for your family. 6 panel home divider screens, perfect for the establishment of privacy space. Louvered slat design allows light and air to pass through.

High Quality Tung Wood Materials: Durable and long-lasting for long lifespan. Built with natural paulownia wood, which has the characteristics of moisture absorption, good air permeability, not easy deformation and wear-resisting for years to come. Coated with water-based paint, it’s still environmental protection and looks more beautiful.

Arbitrary Angle And Fan Number: There are 6 panels in total. You can open the angle and number of screens according to the space you need. Durable hinges for flexibly changing direction.

Easy To Move And Store: Folding size: 16”(L) X 5”(W) X 67”(H). This paulownia wood room divider is lightweight and completely foldable, so it’s easy to store without taking up much space. Meanwhile, it is flexible, and you can change or move it freely.

No Assembly Required: The 6 panels do not need to be assembled, you can use it immediately when you receive the goods.