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wooden stools kitchen


This wooden stools kitchen are better than one when it comes to this pair of backless, comfortable, round seating counter stools brought to you by PJ Wood. They’re 29 inches in height, which is the perfect size for standard counters and they’re a bit of modern with a lot of classic when it comes to style. They’re made from long-lasting, high-quality materials.


Comfortable Seating: You always want to be comfortable when you’re at home, so comfortable seating is a top priority. With these backless bar wooden stools kitchen, you’re bound to sit nicely with not just one, but two, comfortable stools. They also contain two levels of built-in bars for stepping on and off, as well as leaning your feet.


Included Parts: Two round seats, Legs, Tools, Hardware.

Classic Design: Wooden stools kitchen are like any piece of furniture. They have to match with the existing items in your home, in addition to the style factor that currently resides. With these bar height stools, you can’t go wrong. They collectively feature a classic design with a little contemporary style sprinkled in, which is bound to blend in nicely with your present decor.


Long-Lasting Durability: When it comes to the construction of any item, especially when you’re dealing with furniture, you want the best for your buck, and an item, or in this case, two items, which will last a long time. You need products you can rely on for their long-lasting, sturdiness, and durability factors. These bar stools each hold up to 225 lbs.

Multifunctional: These counter wooden height stools kitchen can work well in various spaces in your home. They go great with any bar or kitchen. When you don’t want to sit at the table, be sure to sit at the bar. For a drink or a meal, grab a partner and enjoy your food or beverages together.




Package Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 29 inches;

Weight: 21 pounds

Material: wood

Color: Natural, OEM





DYNAMIC DUO: A match made in Heaven for any space. Two for the price of one is the name of the game. With bar height stools, you’re sitting on top of the world, especially for a couple starting out, a small dining space, or those working from home with high, adjustable desks.


MULTI-FACETED: These kitchen counter stools are a great addition to that new bar, counter height table or even a working desk area for two. Whether you’re interested in eating, working, entertaining a few guests, or just sitting around, these stools are the perfect addition.


CONSTRUCTION: Made from sturdy well-constructed wood, these backless bar stools are easy to assemble. All the needed hardware is included. They also contain four well-balanced, square legs, along with eight built-in bars for your feet, and they each can hold up to 225 lbs of weight.


STYLE & DESIGN: When it comes to universal style, these A-frame designed, counter height stools work within any decor. They’re the perfect mix of classic and modern, and they each feature comfortable, round, backless seats that stand 29 inches high.


DIMENSIONS & CLEANING: These bar stools individually measure at L 12.09″ x W 12.09″ x 29″, and they’re the ideal range for standard countertop heights. For easy dusting and cleaning, just wet a paper towel or cloth with a little bit of water and some mild soap and wipe away.