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wooden tray wholesale


Material: Wood

Shape: Octagonal shape

Dimension: 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 2pounds


* Packing: 2 wooden trays in a pack with smallest size 8 ” wide and medium size 9.8 ” wide.

Octagonal Shape: Octagonal tray that looks elegant, dainty, sturdy, and home

* Home Decoration: Wooden tray are perfect for home decoration. Very nice as a tray to serve food, tea, coffee, red wine, cocktail, meals, fruits, etc. It also decorates your living room in an incredible way.

* 100% Greet Wood – These are hand-carved wooden trays from a single piece of South American walnut (acacia wood). The wooden tray is made of 100% solid wood, durable and easy to clean and stronger than ceramic, bamboo, plastic and glass.

* AS A GIFT OPTION: Nice serving tray as a gift for your home or cafe, suitable to be given for housewarmings, banquets, anniversaries and restaurant openings. Keep in mind that wood veins may look different as they are made from natural woods.



Wooden products contain some emotions, accumulate some culture and exude a primitive atmosphere, which makes people feel comfortable and return to nature.

2 pieces in a pack.

Once you buy it, you can get 2 pieces wooden trays in one pack. But keep in mind that each wood plate may look different for its different natural wood veins.

Beautiful work of art for daily use and decoration.

These are sweet little wooden trays! They look very well made and the wood is beautiful. The size is as described. Think of the large as a small plate and the small as the size of a side salad plate.

Wooden plates and plates for fruits, muffins, vegetable food, wooden tray

Its gorgeous appearance makes it not only a kitchen utensil for daily use, but also a work of art for decoration.

It will be a good gift for your family or friend.

Find something other than plastic / wicker to hold paper plates. This is perfect to choose. The perfect size for paper plates. The packages were perfectly wrapped for delivery. These precious handcrafted gems really brought warmth to your living room.

Beautiful wooden trays!

You will be happily surprised when you first opened the box because the dishes are so beautiful, just a quick rinse with soapy water is all you need. Rub in a touch of olive oil every now and then and they’ll stay beautiful.

Sweet Notifications

Hand wash the wooden tray in soapy water and dry immediately.

DO NOT put in microwave, dishwasher, oven, freezer.

DO NOT soak for a long time.

Wipe off the oil on the surface to keep the service life and shine.