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wooden box with sliding lid


Color: Pine color

Material: Wood

Inner Material: Wood

Shape: Rectangular


* Sturdy & multiple usage methods: The gift can be placed directly in the box, or the wooden USB drive can be placed in the foam slot (including the foam slot for USB). This wooden watch box has a sliding top cover, a very special design, you can easily enter the inside through it.

* Exquisite gift box: This box is made of high-quality pine wood carbonization process. It is a very elegant and decent container for storing various gifts. Perfect painting/carving: This wooden watch box is perfect for painting or carving what you want to say to the person receiving the gift. It will be unique and full of love.

* The perfect gift for crafty people! Very suitable for painting, dyeing and wood carving The sturdy wooden watch box can hold anything of suitable size. Sliding cover makes operation easier

* Jewelry box: You can decorate this unfinished wooden jewelry box as needed. Unfinished wood: It is made of pine wood, making it durable. Multi-purpose: give it to mom, girlfriend or wife as a gift, let them keep small accessories, jewelry and decorations Treasure Box: Children can also use this box to store their little treasures and toys

* This sliding top box is made of solid wood and can hold anything of suitable size. Very suitable for painting, dyeing and wood carving.





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* High-quality wooden storage boxes-ultra-high-quality ultra-thick wooden walls and lids with extra inner lip to prevent odor sealing. Use high-quality natural finishes both inside and outside to prevent stains and marks! Store your baby in the storage box!
* Guarantee guarantee-we spare no effort on this box! High-quality wood, designed to make any room in your home unique!
* Treasure box-can be used as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, house warming gifts, anniversary gifts and more! Our wooden decorative boxes are handmade, which can easily change your home decoration. They are all handmade and no two boxes look the same, which makes each family unique. Gift Boxes. Become a wonderful gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house warmth and more! Unique creative gifts, gifts for mother, girlfriend or wife, colleagues, bride-to-be, groom, best man, college graduate, best friend and his or her! The perfect gift for any occasion!
* The wooden watch box is handmade and we only use high-quality 100% pine wood-it will not fall apart or peel off like other brands. Each box is unique, with its own texture, knot and color
Jewelry box: You can decorate this unfinished jewelry box as needed
* The sliding top box is made of solid wood and can hold anything of suitable size. Very suitable for painting, dyeing and wood carving.